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Introducing Thoughtful Thursday

Introducing Thoughtful Thursday

Introducing Thoughtful Thursday! - 13 June from 7.30 PM to 9.30 PM at Tea Friends, M.P. Nagar - Zone I - Bhopal

A weekly initiative by Headstart to build a startup culture in the city. Ideal Thoughtful Thursday will happen as follows:
1). Members start with their introduction 
2). Members share their areas where they are stuck like how to validate their idea.
3). Other members share their learnings to help each other
4). A moderator will take note of learnings and will discuss the action items for members
5). Every member should leave with significant friendships and learnings after the Meetup

Join us tomorrow. Only 10 seats.

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Post event: By Abhishek Yagnik

Successfully started Headstart Thoughtful Thursday with fellow startups. Most of the members are at idea stage, we will be working with them to create an MVP in coming months. Crazy brainstorming and amazing discussions. Thanks to all who participated