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How to Present to Investors

1. Explain what you're doing. Investors' main question when judging a very early startup is whether you've made a compelling product. Read More

How to Pitch Your Company

It is much easier to talk to an investor if they understand what your company does. As a founder, you’ll Read More

Series A Diligence Checklist


Below, you’ll find a Series A diligence checklist. This runs through all the pieces of information you’ll need to have Read More

How to Email Early Stage Investors

As an early stage investor, I want to help startups succeed, want to offer any helpful advice or introductions that I Read More

Advice on pitching

These below points works for almost any kind of presentation you might give.


Speak slowly and enunciate Be excited. Your Read More

Facebook’s Libra Masterplan

The social media’s company move into cryptocurrency takes advantage of regulatory loopholes


Facebook is very knowingly exploiting a very specific gap Read More

How to Design a Better Pitch Deck

There are probably 100 reasons why your company is great, but people can only really remember a few of them Read More

10 Reasons why Freelancing / Remote working / Consulting is going to be even bigger in the future

1. Companies are becoming flexible. Employees may not always need to come to the office. Work from home is a Read More

10 Mantras for an enriching professional career

1. Love thy work, not thy company.

2. If you have to fail, try and fail faster, so you can Read More