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IOT lab BHopal

COI-IOT(Centre of Innovation-Internet of things) Launched in BHopal

COI Aim, Vision & Mission



The aim of COI-IOT center is to act as a perfect collaboration for innovation and high-end technologies. By bringing in the best minds from industry, academia, start-ups and the government we aim to drive a culture of collaboration and co-creation to find solutions to accelerate India’s economic development


The vision for IoT is to use common infrastructure to connect individual devices with each other, and with people, in a way where digital data, and analysis drives decision that can be exercised and influenced remotely


Things in IoT are allowed to be controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure. It creates opportunities for integration between physical world and computer based systems. This ensures improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefits. technologies such as smart grids, smart homes, smart transportation and smart cities.