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Having Hard time, Read this

IF you are having a hard time convincing clients to pay you

IF you are having a hard time convincing clients to pay you, finding clients, growing your business, then read on. I am going to share 5 tips that change your life. Make you a multi-millionaire. Make you go on that Holiday you've always wanted. Ready?

1. Skill Up

2. Skill Up

3. Skill Up

4. Skill Up

5. Skill Up

I know of many professionals who over time have stopped taking small projects, short term projects, low paying projects, and other irrelevant work because they grew. They grew because they skilled up. They became better than who they were. Not just to show the world, but truly, really, at the place where it really matters. They gained more knowledge, gained more experience, learned from all kinds of sources, worked hard for their clients, experimented as much as they could - and today are a Much Better Version of themselves. You can blame market competition, you can blame clients who don't pay, you can blame economy is bad, you can blame digital marketing is saturating - but the truth could simply be - you aren't good enough. No, you aren't good, you just maybe aren't good enough.

Till you don't accept you are lacking, you will never start improving. Till you don't start improving, you will not realize how much more there is to learn. Till you don't start learning, you will not realize how much can you actually earn. The true success stories of the internet and digital marketing world aren't flashed daily on Facebook ads. They are hidden from plain sight, people working hard to crack that speed issue, to deep dive into analytics, to bring costs down, to improve UX/UI. They don't blow their trumpets all day long because they don't need to. They don't want your few hundred bucks to grow in their careers, they are focusing on making much more than that by engaging with real big businesses. All that just with skill improvement. Skills in the form of marketing, writing, selling, communicating, designing, expressing, optimizing, analyzing and more. If you want to get out of the rut you are stuck in, spend time in upskilling. Getting an extra client will help today, getting an extra skill will help for much longer. So grow. Skill up. Be the best you can actually be. And then notice how you will have more work than you can manage yourself.