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5 Key Reasons why the world is turning into an unhappier place -

5 Key Reasons why the world is turning into an unhappier place -


1. Very high cost of maintaining a 'happy lifestyle'. Whether or not you have money in the bank, you are forcing yourself to buy that iPhone, travel to that destination, party every weekend and do a lot more, just in order to look happy, and therefore hoping to be happy.

2. It is an increasingly lonely world. The irony is that we are the largest number of humans there have ever been on this planet, yet we find ourselves and our surroundings lonelier than before. That's because we are all 'busy', live 'far', stay 'apart', interact 'socially', leaving little time for real intimacy.

3. Careers are unstable. Once upon a time getting a job or starting a business meant that there is one lesser thing to worry about for the next 20 years. Now there is no absolute surety about the next two too. We keep seeking stability, but it increasingly evades humans.

4. Peak Jealousy. Humans have been jealous forever, but never was the very causing factor of jealousy right in your face, all day. The more we spend time on social media, the more we fall prey to get influenced by what the world around us is doing.

5. Genuinely Faking it. Because of all the above factors, we find ourselves increasingly faking it. We fake how well we are doing at the office, we fake how good our relationships are, we fake our lifestyle by taking loans for the next expensive thing and we fake because we have fewer friends than ever before. We want to 'impress' new people but we don't know how. The solution to all the above also somewhere lies in tweaking what we do in each such scenario. These are all traps in their own right, but we can find our way out of them if we have the might.