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Nom A food Waste management Company

Nom-A food waste management Startup

‘I’m Simran, Co-founder of Nom, a food waste management company, and innovative food products.

I pursued CA and sailed through IPCC in the 1st attempt. However, after 1.5 years of articleship, I realized it was stultifying and decided to quit CA and it wasn’t perceived as a good decision by my family and friends. But I refused to change my decision. Further, I enrolled for a course in Pune in luxury brand management. And later, I worked as a Freelance Art Director for Ad Shoots and Campaign Photography. Fashion industry taught me how much unnecessary waste we are creating. 
This turned a new leaf in my career and I started drifting towards Entrepreneurship and started contemplating about how I can make a change and contribute in the green sector. My mom has always been an environmentalist, even when I was in school, she got a water recharge pit made in our house so that we have water in our borewell when others don't. She used wastewater for washing clothes and dishes. She‘s my inspiration for being an advocate for sustainability. Living in Pune, I saw immense waste which used to irk me. I finally decided to leave my job in Jan’18. I was absolutely sure I want to work in the waste management sector but it took me 4 months to figure out how to put in my ideas constructively. 
And then, I asked my good friend, Shashank (Co-Founder, Nom) to help me in my start-up idea. Previously, he was working as a product development head in a startup and he had quit his job recently. While we were working on the idea, a video of a turtle with straw stuck in his nose surfaced online. It was heartbreaking. Taking a cue from that we decided to focus on the products that are too small to get recycled. We started the experimentation in May and got to know about a food technologist. We soon moved to Thane, in October with my team and hired a lab to continue our experimentation. After 13 months, we came up with our first product and filed for our first patent. Next product to hit the market is edible ice-cream sticks. We want to be the Google of waste-management.’ said Simran Rajput

Flavored Edible drinking straws